Poster must have the dimensions indicated (width 50 cm, height 90 cm); you can download the poster template by clicking on the button below.

Information for Poster Presentations

Please download and use the Poster

Rapid-fire Poster Presentation

All posters will be on display for the whole congress duration. In addition, each poster is assigned to a poster session. Presenters are requested to present the data in their poster in a max. 3-minute presentation directly in front of their poster during this poster session. No slides are to be prepared for this presentation. The poster committee will hand over to the next presenter after 3 minutes.

Poster Size

The maximum poster size is width 50 cm, height 90 cm, otherwise you will have problems in mounting the poster on the provided boards.

Poster Mounting Periods

Please mount your poster on Monday, July 11th, 12:00 - 12:30.

Posters can be dismantled at the closing of workshop on July 13th. Please note, that all posters not dismantled will be removed and disposed of by the congress staff. In the printed program you will find guidance on how to find the location of your poster board.